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Zapp Electric Vehicles Group is a holding company. Its principal affiliate, Zapp Electric Vehicles Ltd., is a British company – run by a team of experts from the mobility industry – on a mission to redefine the electric two-wheeler segment. Launching its debut product in June 2022, Zapp created the i300 as an urban electric high-performance two-wheeler capable of traditional motorcycle levels of performance in a step-through format, combining ease of use with exhilaration and fun. The i300 is the first in a suite of high-performance electric two-wheelers expected to come to market from Zapp. Zapp is expected to operate a high-quality direct-to-customer (DTC) experience called DSDTC (drop-ship-direct-to-customer). Customers ordering the i300 online will have their bikes conveniently delivered to their home by “Zappers” who provide at-home inspection, service and support throughout the vehicle ownership lifecycle.

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We place a strong emphasis on full-cycle sustainability in every aspect of our product lifecycle, including design, manufacturing, sourcing, end of life and battery recycling. We designed our first product, the i300, to have fewer components and a simplified assembly process, thus simplifying the manufacturing process and lowering the number of assembly steps and resources required. We source our bodywork from composites with green-to-make materials such as NONA (no-oven no autoclave)-carbon fiber composite, bio-flax composite and ocean-recycled plastic. Substantially all of our components are recyclable at the end of our product’s life, including our batteries, which can be refurbished for second use.

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